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All in one hire package

We know how costly the running of a water jetting machine, van and all the equipment that goes with it can be.

So let us eliminate the worry with our Combo Deal hire packages. We provide you with everything you need, a van, van mounted jetting unit and any optional accessories such as CCTV or root cutting equipment, all for one low cost price.

A full service contract is included, covering breakdowns and maintenance. a wide range of van models are available and a choice of vanpack from our jetting range. All this plus any ancillary equipment you may require.

Hire terms to suit your needs.

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Combo Deal Water Jetting Hire Package

Choice of vans are available, company livery can also be added. Choice of jetting packs to suit your individual needs. A huge range of jetting equipment can be added, from root cutting to surface cleaning. Very reasonable hire rates with service and maintenance included.

Due to ongoing product development, unit specifications are subject to change without notice.