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Jetchem and Superjet - An Introduction..  

Jetchem Systems Limited and Superjet

Who we are..

The Jetchem Group is widely regarded as the leading manufacturer of High and Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting equipment and accessories in the UK.

With depots placed throughout the country working alongside our fleet of service vehicles and personnnel, we aim to bring you not only great products at great prices but also a five star level of service and care.

Company Introduction Pipe Inspection Point 469 Root Cutter Pathfinder Nozzle
Jetchem and superjet company introduction video Pipe Inspection Point Kit Video 469 Rootcutting jet video Pathfinder Nozzle video
An introduction to Jetchem and Superjet, showcasing our many products and services. Watch now ►

Our Pipe Inspection Point Kit. Used to gain access to pipes for inspection, work, CCTV, etc. Watch now ►

Short clip of our 469 root cutter in action. showing the cutting action of the blade. Watch now ► Our Pathfinder nozzle, excellent at removing hard deposits, roots, etc from pipes. Watch now ►
Re-Lining demonstration Chisel Jet Warthog Nozzle Cutting Pallet Jet Pumps emptying manhole
Patch Lining - Pipe Repair - Nodig Technology - video Buster Jet - High pressure water jet in operation Warthog Jetting nozzle demonstration Venturi jet pump drain cleaning video
An introduction to pipe lining procedures and how to install a reliner. Watch now ► A short video demonstration of our Chisel jet, excellent at severe blockages. Watch now ►

Clip of our Warthog cutting through a wooden pallet. Excellent root cutting jet. Watch now ►

A demonstration of our larger jet pump, emptying a flooded manhole. Watch now ►
Whistler Crossfire Nozzle Pick Drain Jet Torus Tank Cleaning Head Patch Lining
Whistler Nozzle Jet in operation video Standard Drain Jetting Nozzle torus tank cleaning video patch lining pipe repair video
Whistler jet, part of our Crossfire range, ideal for the cleaning of pipe walls. Watch now ►

Our Pick nozzle has a powerful front jet design, also suitable for reclaimed water use. Watch now ►

Demonstration of the TORUS tank cleaning head, showing rotation and jet spread. Watch now ► Demonstration of a Patch Kit installation. Watch now ►
Bomb Jet Nozzle Spider 50 Chain Flail Plough Jet Nozzle Standard Jetting Nozzle
Bomb Jet Nozzle Jet in operation video spider 50 root cutting kit in operation video plough jet Nozzle Jet in operation video standard drain jet in operation video
Bomb Jet Nozzle, available in several different sizes. Watch now ► Spider 50 chain flail, comes in a kit with various accessories. Watch now ► Plough jet, drain cleaning water jetting nozzle. Watch now ► Standard drain cleaning water jetting nozzle. Watch now ►
Viking Lateral Cutter Liner Jet Sluice Surface Preparation Start Up Guide - Vanpack
viking lateral cutter demonstration video liner jet sluice video surface preparation video vanpack start up guide video
Viking Lateral Cutter in action, demonstrated cutting a pipe. Watch now ► Demo of the Liner Jet 150/300, showing the simple process of installing a liner. Watch now ► Demo of the Hydroblast, showing simple surface preparation removal. Watch now ► Basic guide to daily checks and start up procedure of our vanpack range of unit. Watch now ►
Warthog Jetting Nozzle Barge Nozzle Cleaning Pipe Warthog WGR Magnum Lateral Connection Repair System
Warthog jet cleaning a pipe in liverpool video Whistler Nozzle Jet in operation warthog wgr magnum lateral connection repair system
Warthog nozzle cleaning an oval culvert in Liverpool. Watch now ► Barge nozzle cleaning a concrete pipe at Manchester airport. Watch now ► Warthog WGR demonstration video, enquire for more details. Watch now ► Lateral Connection Repair System demonstration. Watch now ►

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