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Water Jetting Trailer Machine

The Sprint 60 is a best seller in our high pressure water jetting trailer range, built with the latest technology and designed with the customer in mind.

Proven to deliver high quality combined with high performance and able to cope with the most demanding of tasks, efficiently and reliably. 

Due to this these units have proven popular amongst the hire sector, which can be a harsh and unforgiving environment.

With 60 gallon water storage tanks and electric start enabling this unit to provide extended jetting times between fills.

Comes with a fully enclosed canopy, quiet running and choice of RAL colours to suit your company image.

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superjet sprint 60 water jetting trailer

Lockable and hinged canopy , allowing easy access for daily checks to be carried out. Robust towing assembly with options of either 50mm ball or ring type. Clear and uncluttered control panel offering simple and easy operation. Alloy standpipe coupling at the front of the trailer for a fast tank fill.

Due to ongoing product development, unit specifications are subject to change without notice.