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Introducing the....TORUS

The Torus® operates under pressures from 2k-22k psi (138-1500 bar) and flows from 10-80 gpm (38-303 lpm.) 
To change your pressure and flow rates simply choose from our five inlet coupling options and from our four
 interchangeable manifolds. See the jetting chart to select the options best for your use.

Magnetic Speed Control

Operators can easily adjust rotation speed to adapt to different applications. The dial adjusts to decrease the speed for difficult 
applications and increase the speed for easier applications. If the arms hit an obstruction the tool simply stops 
rotating so there are no broken gears to repair or replace.


How it Works

The most impressive feature of the Torus® is the simplicity of the design. This tool does not need to be sent to the factory to be repaired.
It has very few parts and can be assembled with common hand tools. Easy maintenance means reduced downtime. 
There are two primary components inside the Torus®, the speed control and the angle block assembly. The magnetic speed
control can be replaced easily as a complete unit. The angle block can be 
removed to replace the High Pressure Seal assemblies.

Available now for hire...

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