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Lorry Mounted Jetting Machine

The Midline jetting unit is a popular choice within our high pressure water jetting range, built with the latest technology and designed with the customer in mind.

Designed for superb performance in a very compact package, delivering high quality combined with high performance and able to cope with the most demanding of tasks, efficiently and reliably. 

Compact body length with low height.

With a self contained fully enclosed backpack this unit is ideal for inner city use. Complete with 2400 litre water tank and hydraulic hose reel, easily accessible controls and fill points.

Vast storage compartments and also a 'clean area', with its built in swing out hose reel makes this unit extremely versatile.

Various uses such as drain cleaning, graffiti and stone cleaning, surface preparation, together with a vast array of attachments like our root cutting equpment make this unit an excellent choice.

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Midline lorry mounted jetting unit

Easy control layout and storage area.

Compact deisgn means the Midline Series is not much larger than a LWB Transit

Swing out hose reel for ease of use.

Internal storage area, wash facilities and access to engine and pump.


Due to ongoing product development, unit specifications are subject to change without notice.