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Here at Jetchem and Superjet we have the knowledge and expertise to manufacture a bespoke water jetting unit, built specifically to a
customers own specifications and requirements. Whether this is a simple enhancement to one of our current product range or a totally
new bespoke unit required for a specific purpose. We will work alongside our customers in order to produce a unit that meets the needs
of the job. 
Please contact our sales department to discuss any requirements you may have.

Email our sales team : sales@jetchem.com

Below are some examples of bespoke water jetting machines we have manufactured for our customers.

Trailer Mounted Washdown Unit

Primary use of washing down surfaces, incorporated floatation tyres for offroad/beach use. Twin engine and hose reels required enabling two man simultaneous operation. Large water tank capacity enabling extended working times.


Vanpack 30 Split Skid

Engine, hosereel and controls, water tank seperated. Installed into a van, with space for a CCTV system.

Vanpack 50 Twin Tank Split Vanpack

Engine, hosereels and controls, water tanks seperated. Installed into a van, with twin water tanks.

Clean Area Mounted Vanpack

30HP vanpack mounted into middle bulkhead with clean area to the rear. We can accomodate most requests, even on our standard jetting packs.

Vanpack 30 with Swingout Reel

A small addition to our standard 30 jetting pack which incorprated a swing out hose reel.

250 Electric Skid Unit

A 250 Bar electric skid designed for use on an internal high pressure pipework installation.