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Of all the maintenance and work actions to which a building can be subjected, stone cleaning is probably the most visually dramatic. It is a process that changes the fundamental appearance of the structure and it is for this reason that the choice of approved methods is paramount. Building cleaning is an operation which should be carefully considered to avoid visual or physical damage that may result where inappropriate cleaning methods are used.

The Jetchem / Superjet chemicals formulations have been used by stone cleaning and restoration companies nationwide for over 30 years. Numerous listed buildings and monuments have been cleaned using these approved and tested formulations, achieving high standards of cleaning.

Excellent stockholdings of the products ensure that the continuity of the project is not in question and the technical advice that is freely available on choosing the right products for the job made the Jetchem / Superjet range the first choice for many.

Product No Description Pack Size Data sheet Application sheet Buy Now
JC000 brick & terracotta cleaner < 3% 25 L PDF Info
JC001 brick & terracotta cleaner < 10% 25 L PDF Info
JC002 sandstone, brick & terracotta cleaner 25 L PDF Info
JC003 sandstone & granite cleaner 25 L PDF Info
JC004 heavily soiled sandstone cleaner 25 L PDF Info
JC005 heavily soiled red sandstone cleaner 25 L PDF Info
JC006 cement & mortar stain remove & concrete cleaner 25 L PDF Info
JC007 white salts & lime scale remover 25 L PDF Info  
JC008 heavy duty de-greaser & limestone cleaner 25 L PDF Info
JC009 bird repellant stain remover 12kg tub PDF Info  
JC010 carbon deposit softener & multi layer paint remover 12kg tub PDF Info  
JC011 degreaser for sandstone, unpolished granite, brick & terracotta 25 L PDF Info  
JC012 limestone cleaner. degreases sandstone & unpolished granite 25 L PDF Info
JC013 paint & varnish remover 25 L PDF Info
JC017 silicone water repellent 25 L PDF Info
JC019 peelable coating / tak propeel 25 L PDF Info
JC021 algae, moss & mildew remover 25 L PDF Info
JC025 aluminium & stainless steel cleaner 25 L PDF Info
JC026 marble, limestone & pre cast concrete cleaner 25 L PDF Info
JC027 algaecide mould moss fungi algae growths remover 25 L PDF Info


Product No Description Pack Size Data sheet Application sheet Buy Now
JC101 solvent based heavy duty degreaser - emulsifier 25 L PDF Info
JC102 heavy duty traffic film remover 25 L PDF Info

Hazardous Symbols

These symbols only relate to the hazards

in use of the product and do not automatically

mean that it is dangerous in transport.

However, it must not be assumed that

all substances which are packed in

small or retail packaging are not subject

to the transport regulations, since the

classification criteria are different.

transportation of hazardous substances

Substances and materials which are dangerous for transport range from those which present obvious risks, such as explosives and fuming acids, through to more frequently encountered products such as paints, solvents and pesticides.

The transport of dangerous goods is regulated in order to prevent, as far as possible, accidents involving people or property, damage to the environment, to the means of transport employed or to other goods being transported. Each mode of transport, (air, sea, road, rail and inland waterway) has its own regulations.

Please be aware when purchasing chemicals, customers must ensure they comply to the current legislation regarding the transportation of hazardous substances.

The safe transportation of chemicals is the sole responsibility of the purchaser and Jetchem / Superjet will not be held accountable.

To read more about the transportation of hazardous goods click here.