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Spider 50 Chain Flail Kit

Spider 50 - Chain Flail Kit - 1/2"

Ideally matched for the majority of trailer and van mounted jetting units.

the kit comprises of a wide range of attachments all designed for clearing and cleaning paths through blocked drains and pipes.

A lightweight and robust multi purpose jetting tool.

Designed for use in 80mm up to 150mm pipes.

Max working pressure : 350 bar

Included in the kit :-

  • Spider 50
  • 4 brush wire rotor 100mm
  • Chain flail. heavy duty cycle chain 100mm
  • Chain flail. Link chain 100mm
  • Central cutting head
  • Aluminium protective head
  • Spare chain and wire rope
  • Tools for interchanging head attachments

All contained in a plastic carry case.


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